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Outer beauty is inner beauty made visible.
— Paulo Coehlo

My name is Karie J Ferera and I am a Rochester, NY native. Living Colour Beauty became my reality after many years in the beauty industry. At a young age my mother introduced me to the spa business and I can remember the days of walking to the salon after school, waiting for my mom to be done with her clients. I would sit and watch everyone get beautified! I remember thinking that I could not wait till I was old enough to work there and make people look beautiful as they all did.

I received my esthetics license in 2002, while I was running the front end of a full service salon. 2004 - 2012 I worked at a prestigious medical spa & plastic surgery center here in Rochester, NY. I have worked with and have been certified in numerous skin care and makeup lines and have been trained in a wide range of treatment services.

In 2013, I made the greatest decision to venture out on my own and further develop my personal goals and creativity alongside my nursing (RN) career. I am a board-certified psychiatric mental health nurse and I love to care for these individuals and population. 

I currently offer PCA customized corrective skin care treatments and make-up for every need and occasion. I thrive on helping people feel the best they can from the inside out!