I have struggled with adult acne for years. This isn’t the kind that is just a pimple here and there, this is the painful cystic acne. I tried all products from Clean & Clear to Proactiv with nothing but more acne and irritation. I have very sensitive skin to make matters worse. I heard about Karie and Living Colour from a mutual friend. She was able to create a chemical peel treatment that was sensitive enough for my skin.

I have also had Karie give me a makeup makeover for a wedding I was attending. From lashes to lipstick she made me feel prettier than my own wedding day! She is an extremely talented artist!

I am so grateful to have found her service. She is not only an amazing esthetician but I also now consider her a friend!!

After the FIRST treatment I noticed my acne cleared up immediately. After 2 treatments it was totally gone and has not returned!!
— Stacy K

Before I met Karie I had zero interest in taking care of my skin or wearing makeup. I had tried over the years but didn’t really know what to do or how to do it. I’m happy to say that Karie has changed all that. As a “mature” women my skin has never looked or felt so good as it does after a peel. And as a bonus, Karie has shown me how with very little time, I can apply makeup that not only makes me look younger, but makes me feel younger as well! Thank you Karie and Living Colour! You are the best!
— RP

I first connected with Karie at Living Colour after having extensive dermabrasion on my face. She applied makeup and taught me how to apply it myself to give me the best camouflage possible to cover the discoloration that occurs upon healing from dermabrasion. Because of her expertise and caring nature I continued to go to Karie for facials. She provides a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere for procedures. My face feels and looks great after every one I’ve had. She has also advised me on product that I am extremely happy with and that will benefit me the most to keep my skin to look it’s best possible. I have yet to have a makeup session since my face has healed from dermabrasion but I am looking forward to one. I highly recommend Karie for all your skin needs.